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'Is It A Crime To Want To Be Well?'

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 3:15 pm
by upstate
This post has also been added to the Activism on Sensitize © section but it would be great if members debated or discussed their views on this thread too.

Is It A Crime To Want To Be Well?

Patrick Barkham and the Guardian Unlimited wrote:For six years, Mark and Lezley Gibson supplied cannabis to sufferers of multiple sclerosis. The police knew what they were doing - but turned a blind eye. Now, however, the 'Canna-Biz Two' have been convicted of dealing. They talk to Patrick Barkham

Read the full article here.

What utter bollocks! Persecuting people through the courts for treating their condition with time-honoured, homeopathic and traditional remedies. Hardly the 'crime of the century' now, is it?

Costing tax-payer's loads of money that could be invested in the NHS proactively. Shelling out money to the Police to continue this Draconian witch-hunt. It's pathetic and all of those involved want to seriously wise up sharpish..!

It also doesn't add up. There must be regional differences in how the courts and Police handle this. My reasons for saying this are that; when I was in England back in 2003 shooting the medical marijuana documentary; Healing Herbs, I went to a local coffee-house where marijuana was openly distributed to disabled people and in a safe environment. Also, the Police passed by on several occasions and we were told they knew what was going on but were happy to not get involved as long as all consumption was for medical purposes and strictly kept on the premises.

When are the stupid, out-dated UK laws going to come into alignment with the rest of Europe on this one? For that matter, Britain!

People should read the full article above and then show their solidarity with the Gibsons by signing the petition linked directly below:-

Sign the ongoing petition here

To read more about HEALING HERBS and how the film came about, click anywhere on here.


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Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 5:07 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Thanks to Psikottix, I was linked to this article earlier today:-

BBC News wrote:Three people have each been given a nine-month suspended jail term for supplying cannabis-laced chocolate bars to multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers.
Mark Gibson, his wife Lezley, both 42, of Alston, Cumbria and Marcus Davies, 36, of St Ives, Cambs, were earlier convicted of conspiracy to supply.

The couple admitted making thousands of "Canna-Biz" bars and sending them to MS sufferers around the world.

Read the full article here.

This is a result of sorts in that the courts / government have had their pathetic legislation thrown back in their face. However, given that a nine-month suspended jail term for supplying cannabis-laced chocolate bars to multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers has been imposed, they could still be locked up if they proceed any further in assisting ill people.

I personally believe the Gibsons and Marcus Davies should now go to the European Court of Appeal and have this suspended sentence overturned. I'm sure a great many people would be behind them in their campaign.

Take this into consideration. One of the regular members of the Mark Thomas Info site; Backstage_Angel posted this link a while ago:- ... t-has.html and I have to ask: Why should the Duchess of Northumberland / royalty have access to naturally occurring and therapeutic herbs when 'Joe Public' cannot? We keep these buffoons (royalty) in the lifestyles they have become accustomed to. Isn't it time royalty, the courts and the policing agencies that protect them (at our expense) were reminded of this and exposed for their double standards?

This has more to do with civil liberties than UK cannabis legislation. Many people are / were opposed to the 'Cash for Peerages Scandal', so there is 'now' a climate ripe for confronting these hypocrites and shaming them through whatever means are at our disposal...

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Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 5:03 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Yet another example of the seriously flawed laws surrounding medicinal marijuana here. The cannabis crusader and old aged pensioner in pain; Patricia Tabram has yet again been dragged through the courts for what amounts to treating herself homeopathically with an herb. The video clips embedded on that link are quite revealing of the hypocrisy surrounding current legislation.

What pisses me off no end is that rates and tax-payer's money is spent persecuting people like Patricia Tabram with legal action, while our 'leaders' and politicians gloat and continue to murder children overseas in their pathetic expenditure exercises in Iraq. We'll be lucky if any of those scum-ridden fuckers ever see the inside of a court. The most insulting aspect to all this is that justice has a symbol of scales which would imply 'balance'. That balance doesn't exist and until it does, people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes (myself included) should continue to do their own thing and grow it in defiance of the murdering elite and their army of arresting drones...

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ITV News Item About Cannabis.

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:02 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Winstone of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) has given me a great link to an ITV news item from last week. Check out what Dr. Trevor Turner says about cannabis:

Then consider the amount of scare-mongering the government under the leadership of Gordon (the moron) Brown have generated despite several members of his own cabinet admitting they used cannabis themselves.

Sativex 07/08/07. Review by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh ©

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 9:09 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Sativex 07/08/07
Review by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh ©

I find it more than a little interesting when; there is a move within the government to have cannabis put back up to a Category B status controlled substance. By keeping us all alert with alarming headline mental health statistics that portray the use of cannabis to be so dangerous, lives get wrecked! As announcements like this are made to investors: wrote:GW Pharma, Bayer get Canadian approval for cannabis-based Sativex in cancer pain.

The government makes a vast profit from pharmaceutical companies trading their products within the UK to both the National Health Service (NHS) and domestic / international private medical care providers. There are a lot of ill people out there who may choose a cannabis derivative over another prescription or treatment.

We watch, as razor sharp secateurs, clip opportunities from the poor. As the rich cut greater divides, gleefully chanting the motto; 'don't as I do.., do as I say' while pruning ever-onwards. They see the full potential in keeping cannabis all to themselves. They know of the same healing qualities we know about. However, unlike us who share, they put a price on it. Then tell us we are breaking the law if we grow our own medical cannabis, relatively cheaply and tax free. Their greed is sickening...

Read the full and original Sativex article here...

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