The Secret Fields of Green

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The Secret Fields of Green

Postby Norris Nuvo » Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:46 pm

The Secret Fields of Green

A stagnant orb hangs still in a cosmetic sky
Over the secret gardens of delight
Where maidens thrive in contrived light
And slumber through the priest-sock night
Until the day they die

Lives lived in luxurious anonymity
All their needs attended
And no seeds intended
Their female charms defended
Their value in virginity, and their racial purity

They stand and salute the static sky
And delve deep into the vacant soil
Pampered and protected, no need to toil
Living the life of a princess royal
Until the day they die

The secret fields of green are well hidden from the public eye and the scrutiny of the law. Acres and acres of gardens go unnoticed by the people walking by. The garden of delights is made up of thousands of square-metre plots of artificial land, each plant living out its life under a clockwork sun which rises and sets at the times set by the Gardener.

The maidens who live in the gardens are all lovingly nurtured from the moment of their birth alongside their brothers. At the time of their puberty the boys are removed from the garden, leaving it the domain of the feminine. This is done to preserve the virginity of the maidens, for this is important.
The boys are the first sacrifice made by the Gardener. They are taken from the garden to die, they have no place in the great plan, once he has taken what He needs from them. The girls wonder what happened to them for a while, but soon they forget them altogether.
The day’s pass and the girls grow and spread around the garden, eagerly soaking up every drop of light which comes from a sun which never moves across a sky that isn’t there. They awake each contrived dawn and drink deeply from the rich life-giving waters brought by the gardener and when the darkness comes, they slumber. Sometimes one of their number is chosen, and she is taken from the garden to another place, a place filled with light. She will be the mother of a new generation
As time passes the girls become maidens and their soft pubescent buddings become full and shapely, heavy with promise. They bloom and swell to impress the Gardener, each one straining to be noticed in their floral finery. Until one day, the very day when each of the maidens reach their perfect state, the Gardener comes and slaughters the lot, every one. The ultimate virgin sacrifice, a whole generation killed to satisfy the need of the Gardener.
They had all been given the very best in life, the richest food, the perfect light. They had been kept pure, unsullied and clean to satisfy the Gardeners need. For after the maidens death their bodies are dried for a time, and when ready, their beautiful buds are smoked by the Gardener, giving him joy and happiness.

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