SWINGERS [a rather rude poem]

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SWINGERS [a rather rude poem]

Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:45 am

I went to a swingers party, and took the wife along
I wore stockings and suspender’s, the wife just wore a thong
We hoped to liven up our lives, expand our sexual parts
But when we got to the party, it was filled with fat old farts

We were greeted by our hostess, who gave us wine and cheese
With talk of drapes and Tupperware she put us at our ease
The vicar sidled up to me, with a wiggle and a mince
He said he was a Methodist and his name was Vince

The room was filled with people from every walk of life
The Jones’s from the library and Mandy the midwife
Mr Morgan who was manic, and a deep-sea diver
Siad and Jane from the corner shop and Al, a lorry driver

We sat and talked of mundane things, a tension in the air
While making our decisions of who’d have who and where
With the introductions over, we all began to strip
So Mandy dragged me up the stairs, my cock in her strong grip

She strapped a rubber penis on and began to grease my ring
And opened up her gaping gash to show her fanny bling.
I stuck it into everything, everything that wobbled
While sucking her appendages, Oh how I fucking gobbled

Now next up was Mrs Morgan, but she was rather loose
I didn’t even touch the sides as she pumped out her juice
With snorkel and my flippers on, I soon was in the swim
And when my load was spurted, she sucked upon my rim

Jane Patel had such massive tits, the best I ever found
So I lobbed my cock between them, and thrust and slopped around
They were all oiled up and soapy like jellies on a plate
I shot great gouts of sticky stuff in my ecstatic state

I had to take a little break, my sack was rather slack
So I chatted to our hostess while playing with her crack
She offered me tea and biscuits and hot buttered toast
When in came Vince the Methodist so we had a quick spit roast

My other half was screaming out, “Fuck me harder, faster
Laying on the coffee table sucking off a Rasta
Pumping and thrusting like a train, he really was a hunk
And the missis gagged and spluttered while gargling on his spunk

We sat around and watched some porn, some tried to have a wank
Well it soon became an orgy of slap and spurt and spank
When every scrote was emptied out, when every cock was limp
And every arse and cunt was full and we’d all fucked the gimp

We all got dressed and said goodbye, our appetites now sated
My arse was stretched from ear to ear, and my sack deflated
The wife was leaking from each hole, and we’d begun to reek
But we were already planning to swing again next week!!!!

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