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Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:58 am

Every year, in the spring, a blackbird has built a nest in a tree outside our bedroom window
Now I have no idea how long blackbirds live but for 20 years there has been one in that tree,
singing into the dark night.
My wife and myself long ago called him 'Berry' and he has become part of our background history
and we look forward to hearing him every spring.

Song of the night, pure in tone and harmony bright
Starlit eye and velvet wing belies the never-ending song you sing.
Hymns and Arias setting out the reaches of your kingdom borders
Echo’s out across the fertile land, warning all of dark marauders
Soft pitch and clarity of sound brings peace of mind to all around
As troubled sleep is turned aside, and those in fear no longer hide
But find new heart in your melody , in your simple rhythm of the free
In your song, oh sweet bird of mantled sight
In your song oh cure of my malaise
In your song oh sweet black bird of night
May you sing your song till the end of days.

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