Go Gently into The Night

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Go Gently into The Night

Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:06 pm

When I was young I read Dylan Thomas poem 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night' and It impressed me in its denial of death
However as I got older, and older and older i realised that he was wrong and that when your time comes it is
better to embrace it rather than fight against it. Everyone dies, it is the inevitable fate of us all, rich or poor
we all have to die, it is how you meet it that defines you.

Now ladies and gents, I’ll tell you no lies
You cannot escape from eventual demise
Not the fat nor the thin, the stupid, the wise,
No-one escapes, everyone dies
But no-one is ready; it’s such a surprise
When it’s your turn to snuff it, everyone cries,
“It’s too soon, I’m not finished, I’m not ready to die,
I’m too young, it’s too early, Oh why me, Oh why”

Now it’s no good you begging, crying and sighing.
When the reaper comes crawling there’s no replying
‘Cos if your still breathing when he comes a calling
His scythe will be heaving and heads will be falling
And you’ll be a weeping, there’s no denying
When death comes a creeping and you begin dying

You’ll grovel and whimper and hate and despise
And bargain and cheat and tell lots of lies
To lengthen your life-line and strengthen your ties
With your wheeling and dealing, your plans to revise
Begging for more time, some compromise
Hoping for life, to return, a reprise
But whatever you did, whatever you said
Your time has run out, and now you are dead
Soon to be buried and then best forgotten
Soon to be worm-food, stinking and rotten
Or dug up and stole, just a naked cadaver
To be chopped up, and gaped at, by some crazy carver
Then shown off at freak shows, an all that palaver
And then off to be judged by the Almighty father

Will it be Heaven, complete with an harp?
Or brimstone an pitchforks, shiny and sharp
Living in grace within Heavens walls
Or tortured for ever in Lucifer’s Halls

Now I wish you no sorrow and I wish you no ill
So when you wake up tomorrow do what you will
Just remember you’re mortal and can die or be killed
And will step through that portal when your heart becomes stilled
So don’t waste your life bowing and praying
Be just like a child, laughing and playing
And always be ready to meet your demise
Taking it steady, look right in his eyes
Smile in his face and offer no rage
Then take your bow, and just leave the stage.

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