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Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:07 pm

Fuck the fucking fuckers, fuck em all day long
And fuck all of their families, fuck em hard and strong
Fuck their friends and neighbours, fuck the fucking lot
Fuck their kids, their cats and dogs, fuck 'em till they rot
Fuck ‘em in their houses, fuck ‘em in the streets
Fuck them in their faces, fuck ‘em to some beats
Fuck the fucking fuckers, fuck ‘em every day
Fuck the fucking lot of ‘em, in each and every way
Fuck every fucking nation, fuck ‘em one by one
Fuck their fucking brains out, fuck ‘em with a gun
Fuck em, Fuck em, Fuck ‘em Fuck ‘em all to death
Fuck em over again and again, then fuck their dying breath
Fuck the fucking planet, fuck the fucking stars
Then fuck off and fuck yourself, up the fucking arse.

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