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Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:09 pm

Come you doctors and nurses, the teachers and cops
Builders of buildings and workers in docks,
You actors, you lawyers, you struggling musicians
Farmhands and barman and mathematicians
Mechanics and manics, and deep sea divers
Farmers and grocers and ambulance drivers
Tinker-man Tailor-man Soldier-man and spy
Butchers and bakers and pilots in skies.


Hiding your secret from all prying eyes
living in fear of a law you despise
It’s a law made by bigots, it’s a law that’s a joke
come out of the shadows and all have a toke

Come on you bin men, come on you sailors
Waitresses and welders, accountants and jailors
Stand up you midwives, shout out you bankers
Sing out you plumbers and drivers of tankers
Postmen and joiners and administrators
Factory workers join us, advisors, curators
Social-workers, toilet cleaners, and obstetricians
Therapists, and novelist and electricians


Their rules are not for you by your own admission
Their laws were never yours, then sign the petition
You’ve all got voices but they silence them somehow
Come out of the shadows and roll up with me now.

Librarians and cooks, producers, designers
Seamstress and clergymen, dockers and miners
Carpenters and artists and engineers
It does not matter what your career is
The disabled and sick, and all of those that suffer
Hey hidden vipers, you hidden puffers
Having to hide it away all the time
You are the victim, but they call it a crime
Their law’s oppressive, it’s unjust and it’s unkind
Choking the freedom of all humankind
Alone we are weaker, together we are strong
Let’s roll together, and show them they are wrong.
Show them they are wrong.

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