Don't Drop Dead At Christmas

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Don't Drop Dead At Christmas

Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:14 pm

Don’t drop dead at Christmas or you’ll ruin the day, I fear
Don’t spoil the festive season. Please wait until the new-year
Christmas Day is a special day, so hold tightly onto your breath
A day of drunken debauchery, not to be tainted by death

It’s the one time of year when you’re expected to drink
And misbehave, and not give a thought, while passing the port
And kissing the girls under mistletoe berry
Scoffing down sweetmeats and guzzling sherry
Dancing and singing at peace with all nations
Telling lewd stories to older relations
Falling about among decorations
Noisily belting out fel-ic-it-a-tions
Everyone’s gathered carols a-singing
Snowflakes fall gently and church bells are ringing
The air is filled with wonder and magic
And must not be disturbed by anything tragic

So please be careful during winter nativity
And don’t go dying during drunken festivity
Oh Please don’t snuff it at Christmas Or you’ll ruin the day. I fear
Don’t spoil the festive season. Please wait until new-year

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