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Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:17 pm

Unborn thoughts flit through shadows of pregnant possibility,
hidden deep within the constant deluge of life’s rosy glow.
New dreams born from this well of tears and incredibility,
bleating their brief span unheard and never given chance to grow.
Crushed lest they disturb the shores of individuality,
and overturn the fragile balance of chaotic ordered rule.
They retreat to solitude, rare contact with reality,
These withered ideas, aborted without growth by the fool.
The fool, the fool, how he loves to dance and play and sing his song.
Deaf and blind but never dumb, his voice is all that he can hear,
bellowing out inane truths that are inevitably wrong.
Making a lot of noise to hide his empty and lonely fear
But the door is closed, his eyes are too, and most of all his mind
He will not see nor hear a word that conflicts with his belief
In the falsehood of security he does not know he’s blind
Wrapped safe and warm his ego thrives, sighing with relief
That he is right and has the might to constant rumination
Arguing and self-righteous he holds forth in his musing
In important pomp and arrogance he hides his desperation
To convince him-self that he is free and all is of his choosing

But shuttered mind and walled in thought keep him in his raiment
Filled with sparkling deviations of the simple scripts of life
His days are filled with drudgery, the night with entertainment
To keep him from unsettling thoughts, thoughts in truth he knows are right.

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