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Hand Luggage Only

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 12:34 pm
by Catherine Edmunds

Hand Luggage Only edited by Christopher Whitby, published by Open Poetry Ltd ISBN 978-0-9559162-0-5

"Hand Luggage Only" is the anthology of Open Poetry's 2007 International Sonnet Competition., which drew entries from across the world - not just the major continents of the Americas, Europe and Australasia, but less obvious places like Myanmar and the Lebanon. This anthology contains the 100 shortlisted sonnets from which the judges Susan Bassnett, Jaqueline Osherow and Don Paterson selected the winning poems by Julie Kane, Daniel Neumann, Alison Mace, John Haynes, Lydia Macpherson and William Orem. My own contribution is the sonnet, "Advice".