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Some other work by Sensitize © & Upstate Renegade Productions:

Upstate Renegade Productions presents: Paddy Casey Unplugged, May 2006.

^ Paddy Casey; Sweet Suburban Sky (live). This performance filmed in Derry (City of Culture 2013), Ireland, 31st May, 2006.
Film by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh - Upstate Renegade Productions © 2006/2009. All rights reserved.

Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution performing Half A Mind Away (Unplugged) at Upstate Renegade Productions, Derry 2009 . Video © Louis P. Burns aka Lugh / Upstate Renegade Productions 2009. All rights reserved.

^ Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution (Unplugged @ Upstate Renegade Productions), Derry, Jan 16th, 2009.

^ Listen to the 3rd Rock Revolution interview and live acoustic set from March 2009 with Nick Field of Phoenix FM. Upstate Renegade Productions extend a massive thanks to 3rd Rock Revolution and Steve Mead, Station Manager. Read the 3rd Rock Revolution on Sensitize © forum.

HEALING HERBS (a medical cannabis information film) By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh & Diarmuid McGowan. © Upstate Renegade Productions 2003 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010. All rights reserved.

^ HEALING HERBS (A Medical Cannabis Information Film by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh and Diarmuid McGowan / Upstate Renegade Productions & Sensitize © ...

^ Click here for details

^ The Official 3rd Rock Revolution Website ( Still Under Construction - Please Bookmark Us ) ...

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Welcome to: Sensitize © Arts E-Magazine by Upstate Renegade Productions ©

Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved.


Lyrics by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 1989. All rights reserved. Music by Andrew / Andy West © 1989. All rights reserved and respected.


how will you find the centre
if you can't find the end of your dreams?
you wander in the wilderness of life
but never find out who you are
or what it means

you can cruise the deepest oceans
carousel on beams of light
you have the right to crawl
into your nightmares and
exorcise the ghosts with
words of love
sweet words of love

forget these earthly bonds
slip out into space
and float upon whatever
calms your soul
or sets you free

your astral body
walks and talks
in corridors of wisdom
you are free
understand this knowledge
and the balance that you seek
can really be

Dance into the dazzle
raining from this chandelier
Can you see, me?

I'm a million universes
unlocking all I hold
You have the key
You hold the key

Dance into the dazzle
raining from this chandelier
Can you see, me?

I'm a million universes
unlocking all I hold
You have the key
You hold the key

Don't wander in the wilderness of life
without me


My Poetic Tulpa - By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rights reserved.

When I wrote the above lyrics - Communion (originally a stream-of-consciousness-poem), I was 23 years old, living and working in the Eastend of London and playing rythym guitar for Famous Blue Raincoat, with my bandmate, keyboardist, programmer, singer/songwriter and co-founder; Andy West ...

I was stationed at Stratford British Railways Relayer's Depot but on the Leyton Depot skill's course for first advanced flag's / lookout man and track knowledge) and was obviously cannabis-free while in attendance. Perhaps it was the detoxing or a heightened sense of awareness because I was back in an academic environment (learning is something I've always loved), I was going through some form of cathartic wheel of change which at the time terrified me because I believed I was having a nervous breakdown. With retrospect I now see it as an awakening from and crawling out from under other people's problems. The lives of others that I had been too young to walk away from were now falling away. Individuality beckoned.

I had been an avid reader of science fiction and mysticism and my ladyfriend back then (Sue) would pick me up books at the library whenever she went for herself. In one book, I can't remember which, I discovered the whole topic of the Tulpa. A belief that we can make our thoughts manifest and send them out into the world. In that book's instance the tulpa had gone renegade and become a destructive force living a life of its own (that's just a prompt so that if anyone is reading this and knows what the book was called, they might have the good grace to join Sensitize and tell me) ...

Communion was written on the doorstep of the Leyton Depot skill's course sheds, East London, late Summer 1989, on my lunchbreak in roughly 25 minutes. There was a little bit of editing (verse repetition for rhythm afterwards on the bus home to Upton Park. When I shared it with Andy he initially stated it was 'a bit out there' but when I suggested he use sitar sampling further life was breathed into the piece. The song evolved later, so melody and all music in it is the work of Andy West and Communion has gone on to live a life of its own. By that I mean that many friends have asked me to perform it as a poem and over the years it has developed. At times when I am stressed I recite it to myself like a mantra and can gladly report it gives me great inner peace and eventual clarity...

Further reading on the Tulpa can be found on Wikipedia if you click here.

All content is the product of various collaborations between the artists, e-poets, filmakers, media/music producers, researchers and writers working with Louis P. Burns aka Lugh via the Sensitize © community of forums and in realtime (past or present).

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^ Microscopic Circles in the Fluid of my Sight. Photography by Louis P. Burns. Animation and editing by Diarmuid McGowan © 2003/2008. All rights reserved.

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