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Upstate Renegade Productions, Derry 2009 AGM Press Shot. Left to right: Diarmuid McGowan, Louis P. Burns aka Lugh and Andrew West. Shot 01. © Upstate Renegade productions 2009. All Rights reserved.

Upstate Renegade Productions AGM - Derry, Ireland. January 2009. Left to right: (L) Admin Assistant, Co-Director, Editor & technician: Diarmuid McGowan. (C) Administrator, Media Producer, Owner of Upstate Renegade Productions, Promotor, Publicity Consultant, e-Publisher & Writer: Louis P. Burns aka Lugh. (R) Global A&R / 1st Music Director / Soundtrack Specialist & Marketing Manager - UK: Andrew West. This image is subject to international copyright law. all rights reserved.


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Welcome to: UPSTATE RENEGADE PRODUCTIONS © Edition One - October 2008. Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved.


In The Hum - Music by Andy West aka Taxman & the Anti-Heroes © 2008. All rights reserved and respected. Poetry by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rights reserved. Click the title of this poem to play the collaborative multimedia production.

in the hum
an unending babble
of drivel spews into my room
and i sit there, terrified to go out

gun crime statistics
aimed at my head go off
the bang a backdrop
the very rhythm of my life

i respond as always
by eating more junk food
inching ever closer
to death by natural causes

humming a tune from my youth
in defiance...

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