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Welcome to: Sensitize © Arts E-Magazine by Upstate Renegade Productions © Edition One - November 2008. Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved..

The BlueGreenEarth Experience (1, 2, 3, 4)
An extensive interview with Tim Barton of BlueGreenEarth by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. (This is a copyleft interview) Some rights reserved.


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Lugh: The BlueGreenEarth website aims to?

Tim: "We envisaged Blue's online presence as taking positive news stories and features on social ecology; the nexus of left and green and anarchist ideas; socialist and libertarian views of foreign policy and the anti-globalisation debate; permaculture; resource scarcity etc.

However, the writers that were attracted into the collective were sidelined into post-9/11 events very quickly after the WTC was attacked. So, the stories we ran were much more frequently 'negative' than we had initially intended. This, as the whole world will appreciate, has run on and on, what with the Afghan and Iraq misadventures, and, as resources deplete, will continue to run on and on.

Below is a short list of the features that were run in the very first issues, so that readers have a feel of how the project began in those first few months, pre and post 9/11. All pieces that were not commissioned, but re-run from other sources, were run with permission of authors and websites / publishers.

Features run in 2001 included The Politics Of Pollution, by Robert Allen; Cementing Deals All Over The World by C.D. Stelzer; Agrobusiness Aggression by Ronnie Cummins; Open Letter to Bjorn Lomborg by Robert Allen; Human Arrogance by Jackie Alan Giuliano; Food Sovereignty by Food First; Ghostlands by Robert Allen; Noam Chomsky on September 11th & After; Laurens van der Post & the Grail by Nancy Ryley; The SWP - State-Sponsored Dissent? by the ATG Collective; Bolivia: U.S.-Provoked Uprising? by Al Giordano / Narco Alert; 9/11: Addressed to the Antiglobalization Movement George Caffentzis; Coke, Canada, Colombia - Two pieces by Murray D. Lumley; The Air We Breathe by Robert Allen; The Great Crusade by Steve Booth and Crisis in Afghanistan by Waldrop, Lamb & Allen. I quite liked the 2002 article Philip K Dick & Homeland Security, by Paul Illich.

Book reviews run in 2001 (several of which were written by myself [TB]) covered The Great Food Gamble, by John Humphrys [TB]; The Captive State, by George Monbiot [TB]; Long Shadows, by Erna Paris [TB]; A Good Old-Fashioned Future, by Bruce Sterling [TB]; A World of Fine Difference, by Adrian Peace; Devolution in the UK, by Vernon Bogdanor [TB]; Running on Emptiness, by John Zerzan; A Guide to the End of the World, by Bill McGuire [TB]; How Much Risk?, by Inge F Goldstein & Martin Goldstein [TB]; The Tainted Source, by John Laughland; WHO PAID THE PIPER?: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War, by Francis Stonor Saunders; A Small City in France by Francoise Gaspard; The Rotten Heart of Europe by Bernard Connolly; After The Guns Fall Silent by Jody Williams and Shawn Roberts; Contributions to the Critique of Commodity Society by KRISIS; Homage to Gaia by James Lovelock; AD: Green Anarchist magazine; From Here To Sustainability by Ian Christie and Diane Warburton; Europe Inc. by Balanya, Doherty, Hoedeman, Ma'anit and Wesselius; Iraq Under Seige edited by Anthony Arnove; MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations by Stephen Dorril; The Big Breach by Richard Tomlinson; Democratizing Globalization: The Leverage of the Tobin Tax by Heikki Patomaki; AD: Some Common Concerns: Imagining BP's Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Pipelines System from PLATFORM; AD: The Global Political Economy of Israel by Nitzan & Bichler; AD: Ethics for a Small Planet from the Biodiversity Project.

Alongside this we ran news and events pages; and eyewitness reports, on issues such as anti-WTO actions from all over the world, Palestine/Israel (via Pennie Quinton's work with the International Solidarity Movement), the war in Iraq, anti-war marches worldwide, the social forums and grassroots gatherings, anarchist communities, Menwith Hill and Fylingdales (via CAAB); etc."

Lugh: BlueGreenEarth are affiliated to?

Tim: "We also ran features under the banners of Opinion and Polemic, which included US writers such as John Kaminski (whose right-ward drift eventually separated him from us), William Stone III, and Jan Lundberg of Culture Change. The latter became a staple in our features sections, so that, from issue 7 of his Culture Change letters, we co-published most of his work: a relationship that has continued to the present. Jan also involved us in the PetroCollapse group, for whom I produced the logo and some posters http://www.petrocollapse.org/

More recently, as we have begun to move away from the post-9/11 fall-out, we have begun to regularly re-run blogs from organisations such as the Earth Policy Institute, and writers such as Amanda Kovattana http://www.amandakovattana.blogspot.com Glen Barry http://www.earthmeanders.blogspot.com and Larry Santoyo http://www.earthflow.com/

These loose affiliations signpost our interests, which centre around anarchism, localism, bioregions, permaculture, left-green critique, anti-capitalism, holistic ecology and social ecology.

Our more direct links are to the more recently begun (and already defunct) Island magazine (academic Irish leftists undermined it, as I understand it), Small World Publishing http://www.smallworldmedia.ie/ - who have published on Rossport, the anti-roads movement, travellers, plus some local history), and a launch for the European Social Ecology Institute website http://www.europeansocialecologyinstitute.org/ which we hope will allow a recalibration of our interests along more 'positive' lines.

I have been involved with:

PowerSwitch http://www.powerswitch.org.uk/

KnowledgeLab https://knowledgelab.org.uk/FirstKnowledgeLab: and see our 2005 position paper "Local-Global Organising: A Philosophical Argument", delivered at Lab 01 - http://www.lancs.ac.uk/ug/pedersen/knowledgelab/land_1.pdf, or the fuller version at http://www.bluegreenearth.us/archive/article/2005/barton_3_2005.html, plus other varied activities all of which have fed into Blue, the ESEI, our myspace http://www.myspace.com/socialecologyinstituteeu yahoogroup http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bluegreenearth/ sites."

Lugh: Can you think of 5 small changes to our everyday lives that would make our planet a BlueGreenEarth?

Tim: 1) Consume less 2) Speak out more 3) Organise with 'think global, act local' in mind 4) Learn to think for yourself 5) Start an allotment

Lugh: Do BlueGreenEarth believe more and more people should be exercising their minds and learning from the internet thus reducing the amount of trees destroyed to make paper for books, magazines, newspapers and other publications?

Tim: "Well, it wouldn't hurt to use less print media. The trade has reached a rapacious point where unit cost is so much lower if you massively over-produce that publishers print way too many units (super cheap) and flog off cheap (or pulp) any left over after a (too short) sales drive – in a typically capitalist manner, they are rewarded with more profit at the externalised price of more environmental damage. This cancerous cycle is representative of capitalist processes, no matter how many self-avowed 'capitalists' may or may not try and 'act green'.

The New Scientist ran an interesting (if scarifying) article a couple of years back, looking at costs and benefits in recycled paper plants. The main focus was the mega-plant in Aylesford, Kent, and it was an eye-opener on how sometimes trees grown for paper mills can in fact be greener than some methods of handling recycled paper waste.

Also, the internet as a media is more fluid and searchable than paper records. It has the capacity to link communities across the globe, to create McLuhan's global village on the fly (MySpace is a good representative of how this can work, flaws and all, ditto Second Life). I am cynical about some ideas floated in this field – such as the Singularity, real immersive VR (of the "can't tell it from real" variety), de Chardin's 'godhead' emergent from the 'Noosphere', etc, but overall see many positive aspects to the internet.

Of course, the real material world is still there, and using the links created for positive realworld action is important – indeed, for me, is the whole point. This is, of course, why I mention flaws and Second Life in the same breath, but it is ultimately up to all of us as individuals to decide where the balance is between real and virtual community."

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