ALL THIS FOR NOTHING - Origins of Oceania Music Video

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ALL THIS FOR NOTHING - Origins of Oceania Music Video

Postby Planet Hubris » Mon Oct 05, 2009 8:32 pm

As much as I encourage free interpretation of art, I have discovered that people of a certain mindset have a tendency to wilfully misinterpret this video as something it is not purely to discredit me and my artistic efforts. So to set the record straight, below is the description I use when entering it into film festivals, art exhibitions and the like.

ATFN Synopsis / Proposal

This piece is set in the overtly authoritarian neo-conservative world of the Bush / Blair era. It concerns the disintergration of The Worker's false perception of himself and the world around him. The causes of the disintegration are the conflicting voices, instincts and feelings within him. The Worker is the tiniest of cogs in a slightly bigger wheel within an enormous machine, a machine that cares not whether he lives or dies, happily or otherwise, so long as the system remains intact. In reality, he is a lonely, exploited ant. He cannot cope with this reality so in his mind he constructs an alternative self who is a super achieving, alpha male, high-flyer enjoying his freedom

As a true believer in the system he is, in his mind, surrounded by appropriate symbols of wealth and consumerism. In reality, the only one of these that he can afford and actually exists is his giant TV. To him the TV and its broadcast content symbolises the outward face of the system: polished, airbrushed, seemingly benign and under his control. Over the course of the film, his fragile false reality starts to crumble. This is symbolised by the TVs broadcast content taking on a life of its own and starting to tell an altogether different story than the one he subscribes to on a daily basis.

Gradually it all comes crashing down around him and he is left in no doubt as to the true nature of the world and his place in it. But ultimately, he chooses to pull the plug on his breakdown / emancipation and ends up back where he started, in abject denial.

The piece deals with themes of human rights abuse on multiple levels. On the one hand we have the arguably self-inflicted human rights abuse that The Worker endures while living and working under authoritarian rule (closely linked with the idea of how capitalist/consumerist society is abusive and exploitative by it's very nature). On the other we have the more overt human rights abuses conducted by the regime in the name of 'freedom' against sovereign people around the world. Ultimately the worker has a choice, the powerless victims of the regime do not.

By curtailing his own enlightenment and clinging to the myth of his own powerlessness he is by proxy supporting and endorsing the abusive behaviour of the regime, behaviour which is tantamount to fascism. He is therefore, unknowingly, a fascist by association, as many people living under such regimes unwittingly become. The never-ending cycle of abuse remains intact.

NB: If my use of the F-word in the final paragraph above surprises you and you doubt it's validity, I recommend that you watch the film adaptation of celebrated feminist writer Naomi Wolf's book The End of America: 10 Steps to Fascism to put it in perspective:
Jamie 'Stan' Stanley
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Re: ALL THIS FOR NOTHING - Origins of Oceania Music Video

Postby Louis P. Burns aka Lugh » Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:44 pm

Hi Stan...

I'm grateful to you for posting up the synopsis of your music video and I do see its message much more clearly. that said, the piece is highly effective even without the synopsis and works to deliver a short, sharp, shock / wake-up call to the senses. It truly is horrifying to know, with dead certainty, that there is a small band of elitest movers and shakers causing all the misery and war on the planet currently. Causing all the dread in humanity that sinks beneath the psyche and gnaws at our being, like a hungry rat, working through us and breaking us down, to the point where even the most libertarian of us wonders if there is any point to fighting back. That rat resides within the mainstream media who lie more easily and readily than ever delivering the truth. So caught up in their own spin that to pause and wonder for themselves would render them inoperative. So, they just keep on continuing, lie after lie. Justification for the governments of the world, delivered 24/7...

I suppose the movers and shakers have always been there one way or another but there is definitely a more concerted effort on their part to bring about their goals and what is worse, no-one cares. We're truly living in a dumbed down, silenced era. Every gesture of civility or expression of commonality and humanity is up for question, simply because of all the rules and regulations placed upon society and our once taken for granted civil liberties. Sickening doesn't even begin to describe it...

I've just watched the 1st part of the 10 Steps to Fascism film and will watch the rest when I've had a cuppa. Thanks for posting it as well mate.

I wish you every success with your media production and music career. If We at Upstate Renegade Productions can help out in any way, just ask...

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
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