Streaming Conscious Media- brave new worlds...

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Streaming Conscious Media- brave new worlds...

Postby Edensounds » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:38 pm

It occurs to me that many of us are exploiting new media resources like YouTube to try to promote conscious, streaming media. By that I mean media with a message, the kind of stuff the mainstream really wouldn't touch with a bargepole.

It would be interesting then to gather thoughts on whether the 'content' of some of this media has a positive or negative influence over whether people press the 'like' or 'dislike' button. When we're dealing with discomforting topics or scenarios, it would be nice to guage whether people are automatically reacting to their view of the subject itself/ the content used in the production/ or the construction of the production. here's an example to kick you off... your thoughts would be appreciated.


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Re: Steaming Conscious Media- brave new worlds...

Postby david markham » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:01 am

Re: Nuclear weapons video -- Initially the subject matter was predictably disgusting. It's natural that we all have a subconscious fear that the reality is one we learn to live with. Personally, I wake up mornings with that thought in the back of my mind when I turn to the internet to get the headlines. Many years ago when the 'race' was on to arm ourselves (US) w/dozens, then hundreds, then thousands I demonstrated against them in Pittsburgh, Pa. where I was living. Alas .. to little or no avail. Years passed and I remember the argument by the father of a close friend and how he supported nuclear weapons and his justifications as a way of assuring peace in the world. Watching this video brought all that back and I kept hearing (about 1/2 dozen times or more) .. "We will not be defeated by nuclear weapons". With the accompanying music/sound effects I have to admit the images were more than powerful, resulting in a visceral reaction of fear and determination to have the biggest and baddest weapons to assure our survival .. and with the same rationalization as the man I argued with over 30 yrs. ago. Of course it's insane to even build the stuff .. but I find myself rationalizing their existence anyway. Problem now is .. I don't trust our own government , especially with countries such as Iran. If Ahmadinejad hadn't been so vocal w/ threats against Israel (including holocaust denial) I would never have thought they'd be used against them (Iran). Now, I wouldn't be surprised if any day Netenjahu justifies their use in protecting Israel resulting --in US involvement being drawn into the mess. I don't believe the state of Israel would necessarily be deterred by US protests. They (Israel) are struggling .. and the existential dilemma they find themselves in could easily result in the most desperate of scenarios.
Don't know if this is the kind of feedback or input you were hoping for. Let me know if I'm on track here .. first time participating in this type of forum online. Thanks for the invitation. David

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Re: Steaming Conscious Media- brave new worlds...

Postby Louis P. Burns aka Lugh » Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:24 am

Hi Graham. Like David, I am on the horns of a dilemma with the music video you have posted above mate. I like the tune (immensely) and even though it has samples of actual war audio footage throughout, its beats are profound and this alone makes it attractive to my ear. The images contained however are quite disturbing and unsettling, as are most images of war.

Has humanity become more complacent of warfare since the atrocities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki though? I honestly believe my generation (I'm 43 years old, born 1967) have been controlled so tightly by the media, working on the behest of the various governments and warmongers of the world, that we are all psyched-up and waiting for the next 'big push' as though it were a part of natural life and living. Most of us wondering when it will be our turn to take up arms and go fight whatever enemy the ruling elite have decreed must be annihilated for profit next. Or when we're gonna get the call to join some militant rebellion against them. This sickens me and has tainted so much of my life. I often wonder what kind of poems, songs and other writing I would have put out, had I lived through more peaceful times.

Then I reluctantly recoil and accept my fate. I am an expendible unit of carbon and flesh. I am of little or no importance to those in control. I am allowed to continue to live simply because I have the potential to be an obedient drone/soldier in wars for nothing. Or someone who will line up and take my trial medications and shots for big pharmaceutical companies researching side-effects for their investors before banks plough their profits (our money) into shares with them, then sell them onto 3rd world countries at exhorbitant rates.

I agree with David about Israel but I fear they are the more fanatical and will launch a nuclear attack on Iran, way before Iran ever considers anything so drastic. I believe nuclear fallout and mushroom clouds are an inevitable outcome of this insane conflict. I also sincerely doubt they will achieve anything other than escalated hostilities and most definitely not an advance of peace...

Cool post David. Welcome to Sensitize © mate :wink: ...
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