What is a contract and how they are used....

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Re: What is a contract and how they are used....

Postby Doiremick » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:58 am

That in a sense is the way it would work if it was that type of system that people wanted, in my own type of world if it were possible would be to keep the same "grids" that are in place such as power, then develop or impliment a system that exists that is efficient in everyway like magnetic generating power stations rather than what we have, keep farming the same but using a trade system of bartering which is possible but the steps to get there are massive, get rid of banking and money, if people want to trade then barter or work for your wants and needs. A guy called Mark Boyle demonstrated it's possible if you feel like researching him, people who want to do science for the greater good can keep going, same for medicine.

Back to the law, another way it can work sticking with the system is go back to the gold based government owned money system, which in turn leaves the country with genuine wealth, or a combination of the 3 big money metals as a currency, white gold, gold which it's supposed to be or silver which sterling was when it began. Then have it highly regulated.

At the moment our money is fiat or valueless whichever you want to label it, it's only a promise written on paper (10-20% of it) and the rest numbers on a bank computer, not very dependable. The way it's printed and put in circulation creates debt, if the country paid off the debt it owes the bank of england we would be in a sorry place if you look at it realisticly, that's all the money we have in circulation plus interest, it's 99.9% guaranteed to keep a country enslaved unless they envoke the powers to re-take control of money production.
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