an older poem

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an older poem

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To Protect and Serve

Standing spiritually naked..
Heavy laden lorries pass with articulate manners
cars on the other hand exploited the situation,
‘its the cops’
“your tax has expired
the cars been clamped
200 on the spot, or walk”

It was a hateful November afternoon.
pelting half hateful drizzle
with frost thrown in for good measure.

The main road, Omagh to Derry
a no slow area

long dark road
cats eyes
cops looking on.

Traffic river danced passed
i staved with the stubborness of youth.
then an angel appeared in the shifting form of a
Mothers Pride bread Van.

I sandwiched myself between two burley slices
who, took me safely to town.

One fron my Derry Days!
Aine MacAodha


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