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Postby Tim Barton, BlueGreenEart » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:40 am

I have a pal who runs a website for DJ's and musicians, based primarily in Hastings and the South-East, though I don't think he is exclusive!

My mixes is up at: http://www.mixcrate.com/dunderhead

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Postby Louis P. Burns aka Lugh » Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:28 pm

Tim mate,

I've been a bone idle tosser for most of the last week. So, this is me only getting back to you on the second mix tape you posted above...

First thing to point out is that there aren't, at least from my perspective, any weaknesses in audio quality. This appears to be something you were concerned about enough to mention in your intro to it. It sounds smooth and cool even at full punch volume (minus 01) over here and i've this pc running through a 5.1 surround system with woofers dogs in the neighbourhood get jealous of.

I particularly loved the old movie audio clips and the tranquility they summoned in at the start of this piece. Almost beckoning the banging hardcore that later surfaces. Breaking point or total consciousness achieved quite a few times in this mix. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of hardcore but this worked really well. Jouneys are created and lead to those more intense moments where mental imagery kicks in. Nice 8) ...

The samples you have used. Can you talk about where you sourced them from? Are they from your favourite movies? Why did you select them? Were they chosen because they said something that you felt created a poignancy with the mix?

When putting together mixes, do you have any images in mind, as though they were a music video playing out in your mind? Would you like to share these? In fact, do you have sequences of photographs (originals) either by yourself or collaborative friends that you would like to see this music mixed with? If so, why don't you pop em over to me via email, add messenger or googletalk IM and fire me over + the mix (both if you want) and maybe Diarmuid and me can do something for you / you all and create a presentation which we'd host as a flash / flv movie? Although I will point out, we're running on go-slow-time here these days because we're still waiting on other materials being fed through to us to continue...

It's all (erm?) good :wink: ...

I enjoyed both of Tim's mixes up above and would say that anyone not listening to them is a preposterous jackass and probably a lot more. What'z the matter with ya'zz eh?

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Tim Barton, BlueGreenEart
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Postby Tim Barton, BlueGreenEart » Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:22 pm

Thanks for the big-up, I get little feedback and so am twiddling around in a vacuum!

Samples on the mixes:

The archived mix [mp3 at bluegreenearth] has no added samples. the intro and extro are from a God Speed You Black Emperor! track. Did some trim, overlap, cut&paste esp with the groovebox/fairport and hissanol/sandy denny bits.

GSYBE - intro
GROOVEBOX - remember / FAIRPORT CONVENTION - autopsy [edit]
FOETUS - the need machine [thirlwell remix]
SHITMAT - in a previous life i was an onion sandwich
CHAOS AD - psultan [squarepusher remix]
VEX'D - search and destroy [loefah mix]
RANDOM TRIO - phrophecy
KODE 9 - quantum
MARK 1 - rise of the machine
DEXPLICIT - victory
HISSANOL - beauty / SANDY DENNY - late november
WAGON CHRIST - shadows
HOUSEPOWER PROD - on tha run
GSYBE - exit

The newer mix, at home grown radio [which will be archived at BGE once the next mix is done], has a few added extras:

Track 1 combines Jo and a Drum Club extract, but with Jello Biafra's rant about the space shuttle Columbia cut up and scattered into it. more overlap and trim going on across the board. the jack dangers bit is a very short twiddle from his forbidden planet project, used to cover the 'stuck-cd' bits of zerodB in case people thought it had, erm, stuck... I also got a few bits of actual NASA dialog and scattered it around in a slightly planned fashion, as below, and I used the Blade Runner snips to tweak up the last track - I like it, but it felt a bit flat, so spice added:

Jo - Apollo 9 / Drum Club - Spaced Out Locked In / Jello Biafra - spaceshuttle
Meat Beat Manifesto - Drop
Disrupt - Bomb 20
Jel - All Day Breakfast
Zero dB - Beats Bongos Basslines / Jack Dangers - Universal Timesignature
livehuman - Lazyhip
DJ Spooky - Scratchbattle
Grooverider - Cybernetic Jazz / nasa spacemen talk earth
Caspa & Rusko - Custard Chucker
Ed Solo with Skool of Thought - Babylon Breaks / nasa spacemen talk earth
Skream - Midnight Request Line (Digital Mystikz remix)
Bass Clef - Clapton Deep / blade runner sfx / nasa spacemen talk touchdown

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