In the Summer of 2003, Louis P. Burns aka Lugh from Upstate Renegade Productions was invited to film at an undisclosed medical cannabis farm in the U.K. Our host, who wishes to remain known as Vel due to current British legislation, took us step by step through the growing stages of medical cannabis, from cutting shed to fully mature plants ready for harvesting.

^ Louis P. Burns aka Lugh vs the UK Census 2011 Non-Compliance Department

Upstate Renegade Productions presents: Paddy Casey Unplugged, May 2006.

^ Paddy Casey: Sweet Suburban Sky (live). This performance filmed 31st May, 2006 in a record store in Derry. Film by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh / Upstate Renegade Productions.

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^ Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution (Unplugged @ Upstate Renegade Productions), Derry - Jan 16th, 2009.

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(a medical cannabis infoirmation film)

In the Summer of 2003, Louis P. Burns aka Lugh from Upstate Renegade Productions was invited to film at an undisclosed medical cannabis farm in the U.K. Our host, who wishes to remain known as Vel due to current British legislation, took us step by step through the growing stages of medical cannabis, from cutting shed to fully mature plants ready for harvesting.

Like Vel, Lugh lives with physical disabilities that limit his mobility and cause him constant and severe pain. He was inspired to produce the HEALING HERBS film in defense of disabled people's right to alleviate their discomfort with cannabis shortly after watching a video recorded episode of the; Mark Thomas Comedy Product entitled, The Genetically Modified Mark Thomas Comedy Product (Vera Productions, 1998):

This show gave an opportunity for disabled people who used medical cannabis to confront the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw.

HEALING HERBS also focuses on cannabis growing techniques for good yields. It includes guidance on; best lights, natural predators and tips on how to combat these + the right soil and water PH levels. The film also lists and emphasises lots of medical conditions that benefit greatly from regular use of medical cannabis. Illnesses like; AIDS Related Conditions (ARC), Arthritis, Chronic Lower Back Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and many more along with short descriptions of how cannabis benefits each.

The film's run-time is 18.10 minutes and contains mellow and trippy sample Jazz by friends of Iain Ronald; Deadly Science (Douglas Barclay and Joe Shakespeare).

HEALING HERBS (A Medical Cannabis Information Film) Discussion Group.

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Diarmuid McGowan

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Douglas Barclay & Joe Shakespeare ©. Released to: Louis P. Burns aka Lugh & Upstate Renegade Productions
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^The above incoming call recorded on 18th April, 2011. Call to Louis P. Burns aka Lugh from Oakleaf Medical Practice: Great James Street, Derry. Caller is Sharon McGinley (Surgery Manager) and reveals the gross malpractice and assault on me by certain GP's working there and prescribing the wrong medication for my diabetes. If this is just one example of how they play fast and loose with their patients lives, then I feel it fair to reveal it. My reasons for doing this are:

A: My health is in decline and exacerbated by the stress of all this.

B: I cannot afford, nor do I have the strength to contact a solicitor and endure their greed and ineptitude while they milk the situation and the Legal Aid services as my health perhaps declines unto death.

C: People like myself (a commited and dedicated community arts activist and campaigner) have to make provision via our skills. So that other people who for whatever reason cannot cope with this form of malpractice. At least have some form of precedent wherein they can draw reference to malpractice by certain GP's working in Derry and possibly other NHS surgeries throughout the UK.

If I had access to medical cannabis then I could self medicate and work with my diabetes. Then, if things went tits up from there, well - I'd only have myself to blame and in the highly unlikely event of my death it would be recorded as death by misadventure and not death by manslaughter and professional malpractice. Consider it like this: I'd be doing the NHS a favour in the longrun.


Disabled UK man Winston Matthews has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for growing his medicinal and personal use cannabis to ease his discomfort and pain. Click here to read all about it on the campaign group's Facebook page. You will need a Facebook account to view this.


Stuart Richards on Get Surrey wrote: "A MAN who grew cannabis in his loft and used the drug as a painkiller for chronic back problems has been granted a reduction in his prison sentence.

Pro-cannabis campaigner Winston Matthews, 55, of Upfield Close, Horley, took his case to the Court of Appeal last Thursday (April 19) and had his jail term cut from 16 to 12 months."

Read the full news story and comments here: http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/s/21125 ... w_cannabis

My comment posted to there in response to this news story:

'I echo many of the comments above about the futility of sending someone to prison for growing a plant known for centuries and multiple cultures to aid pain relief among many other great benefits. I also recognise the same tired old reason why, and it's because the big pharmaceutical companies stand to lose profits if people grow their own cannabis or other herbal pain relief / remedies. The greed of a few CEO's and their politician friends overruling what most sane people know for a fact to be as natural as stretching exercises or deep rhythmic breathing, or mint for indigestion. Will those people upholding any imprisonment for anyone using cannabis for pain relief also be working towards outlawing mint, breathing and stretching?

On a personal note. I've known Mr. Matthews as a friend on Facebook and via online human rights campaign groups. I have always found him to be a democratic and gentle soul with an exceptional taste in music and a keen insight into what would constitute a fairer world. Prison is the very last place a man like Winston should be and I view his incarceration to be an abuse of legal powers as well as unjustly cruel.

Very sincerely,

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh (human rights campaigner - Derry, Ireland)



Remove Cannabis from the MoDA 1971, Tax and Regulate: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/39046/sign.html#se




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^ Sicknote: Phone In Sick - Apt tunage I reckon!

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DELTA9 by Rev Phil Dread:

Rev Dread : Delta9 THC by phildread

"Prohibition of Cannabis has not, does not, and will not work for the benefit of humankind. A plant of many uses should be available for all to grow and use. Medicinal Cannabis users are being denied a human right to self-medicate simply because of it's threat to the big pharmaceutical industries."

^Music and quote from Rev Phil Dread -
Facebook inbox interview with Louis P. Burns, 31st Oct, 2011.

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^ Flapsandwich and all at Tantrum Records.
These good people are the salt of the earth.


Guillermo Echanique aka Wil Wynn: "It's too bad my body/mind cannot deal with drugs, legal, illegal and/or paralegal. Beginning with alcohol and ending with zantac, I just have to avoid them and go the way of natural healing. I shudder at the thought of some day having to rely on drugs to decrease pain or suffering caused by a disease. I do support the right of people to use whatever nature puts at their disposal to ameliorate pain, suffering, and the American way of life, as long as no other parties are injured, hurt, or otherwise negatively affected. C'mon, we sell alcohol, for breweries' sake! Good work, Lou!"

Guillermo Echanique aka Wil Wynn is a Performance Artist and Poet living in Staten Island, New York. The quoted comment above is from his writing about Healing Herbs on facebook 24th February, 2009.


Upstate Renegade Productions produced the animated clickable banner above for the Mark Thomas Info website to say thanks for their kind assistance with the post production on Healing Herbs.


Upstate Renegade Productions adapted the above animated clickable banner from an original by Tim Barton for Bluegreenearth (BGE). This was to say thanks for their assistance with the post production research of Healing Herbs. This is also to say thanks to Tim for taking time out of his heavy schedule to be interviewed for the Sensitize e-magazine: Click here to read the BlueGreenEarth Experience.


healing herbs (Poem)
By Catherine Edmunds © 2007. All rights of the author respected and reserved.

'just building a spliff' he said
and he turned away briefly
deft fingers knowing their way

he was back in seconds
to chat breathe relax
be himself once again
without the pain of his spine leg hip shoulders mind
free to be with me just for a while
to smile, have a laugh, tell me tales
about cats neighbours gangsters glasgow
carstairs carruthers and knitting
a scarf
for a sheep

'just building a spliff'
he said one last time
when the pain

now it's gone
so sleep
rest in peace
dearest friend

(for JDS)

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* Permission to reproduce this quote approved by Wil Wynn.