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Welcome to: Sensitize © Arts E-Magazine by Upstate Renegade Productions © Edition One - November 2008. Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved.


An interview by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rights reserved.

Hi Catherine. Firstly may I point out that it's an honour to take this time to chill with you and talk about your work? Thank you.

You have two books in circulation as we speak. The Sand in the Painting is a stunning novel and one I absolutely loved and reached for frequently while putting one of my own productions together. The other, wormwood, earth and honey, is a collection of many of your finest poems. I've read it twice fully and am currently reading a third time. I have to say right here and now that over the sea to annan cracks me up. I laugh loudly and heartily every time I read it. Your characters and settings are so real, so vivid - even the cows. Can you tell me about some of the experiences you've had while designing your characters or exploring the settings you eventually chose?

Hi Lugh – yes, over the sea to annan is a favourite with many readers, I’m delighted to say. There’s a good reason why the characters and settings in that one come across as real – they are. I read the story in the Northern Echo, and thought it would make a great poem. The same thing happened with the persistence of prunes. A great story in the paper became a ready-made story for a poem. Those two are firmly based in reality, but many – most in fact – are pure fiction. A number are based on works of art or photographs, a number come from prompts on various writers’ forums, but the vast majority come out of the subconscious – dreams and random imaginings.

While writing, do you shut yourself off from the world around you? Or do you seek the 'active voice' from what is going on around you while you write?

I’m not one of those writers who carry a notebook around and writes whenever and wherever the muse strikes. I pretty much only write in my living room, at the computer, with my budgies chatting in the background and a mug of tea by my side. I can’t listen to music while I write, as it’s too much of a distraction, so yes, I do shut myself off. That’s the only way I find I can immerse myself in the world of my imagination, and let the words flow.

You worked as a professional musician a few years back. Would you like to talk about this?

My professional training comprised a degree in music from Dartington College of Arts, followed by the Goldsmith’s College Diploma in Orchestral Studies. I then followed the traditional music graduate’s route of working as a peripatetic instrumental teacher during the day, and gigging at night. At the end of a couple of decades, when health issues forced me to retire, I was a part time ‘peri’ and regular on the freelance classical circuit – mostly playing string quartets for events, as well as gigging with the North Pennines Chamber Orchestra and playing for a steady stream of musicals and operas at such venues as Newcastle’s Theatre Royal and the Sunderland Empire. The health issues meant I had to stop gigging, give up the peri job, and restrict myself to a small amount of private teaching. Do I miss it? Not as much as most people think I should. I take a ‘been there, done that’ attitude to the musical life. Glad I did it, but happy to move on now.

You are also an accomplished graphic artist / designer and photographer. Are there any of your works you would like to share with our readers? By share, I mean display as part of this interview of course, all the while respecting your copyright.

I am in the process of building a new website on which I will display my book covers and illustrations for Earlyworks Press, Bewrite Books and others, but in the meantime, readers are welcome to browse through random pictures and photographs that I’ve put on my deviantART page and on MySpace.

Can you tell our readers a bit about who inspires you? Who are your favourite popular or tagged rising new writers?

That’s easy. Sean Brijbasi always springs to mind when people ask me this question. He’s an extraordinary short story writer, whose work constantly inspires me. His books are published by Pretend Genius. For poetry, I love the Bukowski inspired work of Richard Atkinson (who may be found on a number of writers forums writing under the name ‘Ack’), but possibly my favourite poetry today is being written by Nigel Humphreys, whose collection ‘The Hawk’s Mewl and other poems’ was recently published by Arbor Vitæ Press.

The reproduction of covering art images for both publications has been approved by the author; Catherine Edmunds ©. All rights respected and reserved.

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