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Paddy Casey - Sweet Suburban Sky (Unplugged). A Music Video by Upstate Renegade Productions. All rights reserved.

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Upstate Renegade Productions/Sensitize © Equipment Wishlist:

CANON XH-A1 HDV Camcorder or advanced device x 3

28" Hanns-G HG281DP Widescreen Monitor

Edirol R-09 High Resolution Digital Voice Recorder 24-bit WAVE/MP3 x4

preferred device

Edirol R-4 Field Recorder x 4

Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone x 12

Weight 2.85 Kg
Maximun Capacity: 4.9 Kg
Closed length: 73 cm
Max Height: 190 cm
Min Height: 60 cm x3

studio lights x6

Sennheiser HD215 Closed Back Headphone x 8

AMD Slipstream Dual Core x32




Edition Two - Spring 2009. Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved.



this performance filmed at a record store in Derry, Ireland, 31st May, 2006.
This film by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh - Upstate Renegade Productions © 2006/2009.
All rights reserved.

Towards the end of May 2006 I was voluntarily helping a man who owns a record store here in Derry out. I had agreed to shoot footage over a 5 day period of the interior and exterior of his store with an aim to my colleague and I editing it all together as a 15 minute corporate video that the store owner could then play in store and submit to the local community based television company - Channel 9 TV. I shot the footage. During that week and mid week it was confirmed that Paddy Casey (SONY BMG Ireland), who at the time had two Number One selling albums in the Irish album Charts simultaneously on the top spot would be doing a guest appearance. I asked the owner of the store if it would be ok to record this appearance and he said he was happy for it to go ahead if Paddy Casey was cool with it. On the Saturday when he turned up to do the appearance and sign copies of his CD's he agreed. At one point he even asked me to be sure to have my camera set up between him and the audience because he wished to preserve his voice for the actual concert he was doing later that evening in the Nerve Centre as part of a nationwide promotional tour. I was happy to oblige.

As you can see from the clip above the footage I shot is quite limited. This was due to having only one camera operational. I was working alone. My colleague had planned to be in attendance but unfortunately he was ill for most of that week. After I had recorded the footage I visited an artist friend of mine (Pól McClafferty) and played the footage to him on the tiny onboard monitor screen. I was very happy about the quality of it and Pól also commented on the clarity. The next week when Diarmuid (my colleague) began editing he pointed out the down side to only having the one camera but he also remarked on the quality and sharpness of the footage. I remembered that the owner of the store had also shot footage from behind the store counter and I phoned him to see would he allow us to edit it along with our footage. Initially he said he was good with that but upon calling three times more I became aware he wasn't that interested. He eventually stated he had a friend of his working in media and they were working with his footage.

This left Diarmuid and me stuck so I decided I was too proud of my acheivements and felt too good about the experience to let it simply pass by. I phoned Paddy Casey's record company in Ireland; SONY BMG Ireland and was put through to a lady called Eithne Mooney. I honestly believed SONY BMG Ireland would be grateful for the footage and maybe use it for their own promotion of Paddy Casey. When I explained how the footage came about and how the record store owner hadn't helped she advised I send the original footage to her in Dublin. I was reluctant to do this and said as much. She then started getting all 'legal-talk' on me and told me she was going to report me to Paddy Casey's tour manager; Susan/Suzanne Hunter. I told her she could do what she liked and the conversation became a little heated. I eventually terminated the call.

About five minutes later the record store manager phoned me. He was very angry and very abusive with his tone and words to me. He told me that SONY BMG Ireland had phoned him demanding he get the footage from me and that I 'had better get the discs down to him, pronto!' I told him I wouldn't. He offered me the miserable sum of £50.00 (roughly $90.00) for all my footage and work. That's six days work including footage of a Number One act on the circuit at that time, added to my hours and the hours Diarmuid had (voluntarily) ploughed into editing the piece. I should point out here that blank discs for my camera cost £24.99 each (back then) and I had used three discs that week. For the record I would also like to say that Mr. Casey was positively wonderful and supportive. He even signed a promotional poster for me in gold coloured felt tip pen which reads: Good Luck Upstate Renegade Productions + his signature.

I now find myself nearly three years on from there, living with worsened disabilities and utterly frustrated that anyone had dared tell me to get rid of my work. I despise bullies and censors! I have a track record (when well) within the media industry and honestly believe I should not have been treated so badly. Nor should the invaluable assistance I received from various friends over the last three years who worked with Diarmuid and me to bring this into the public domain via this website. Time will tell how this one is received. So, it's over to SONY BMG Ireland for a positive response now (hopefully). Why should any of us be silenced by their corporate greed or that of the local record store owner (a man who brags loudly about the opportunities he gives to local, struggling artists, bands and talent)?

Upstate Renegade Productions would like to thank the following people for their kind assistance in the production and online promotion of this live music video:

Online Promotion & Publicity Ireland / Europe / UK:

Aine MacAodha
Andy West
Diarmuid McGowan
John Hughes
Kevin McClean
Vive LaResistance

Online Promotion & Publicity New York and USA:

Marguerite Maria Rivas
Wil Wynn

Best wishes & thanks :)

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh - Independent Media Producer

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