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An 18+ adult content e-zine showcasing collaborative activism, arts, filmaking, new media/music production, performance, photography, poetry and writing by members of our community of forums:

This is an new arts media electronic / web publication created, edited, maintained and owned by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh to showcase work by a cross section of activists, artists, directors, filmakers, journalists, media/music producers, poets and writers from around the world.

UPSTATE RENEGADE PRODUCTIONS and the Sensitize © crew are:

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh actor, camera operator, community arts
comedy writer, dramatist, director, performance artist and poet, new
media/music producer, researcher, webmaster and writer

Diarmuid McGowan Animation specialist, camera operator, cartoonist,
comedy writer, film / media director/editor, researcher, travel-blogger
and web technician.

Catherine Edmunds Guest artist, arts advisor, published author, assistant
forum moderator on Sensitize ©, illustrator, literary editor, performance
musician and poet.

Guest activists:

Craig Nicol
Jeff Jenkins
Marc Moylan
Tim Barton

Guest bands / Solo acts:

3rd Rock Revolution
Taxman & the Anti-Heroes

Guest poets:

Amanda Koser
Mehrez Aounallah
Mike Daniels
Richard Hedley Atkinson (ack)
Salvador Oria

Guest short story writers

Brian Gillespie

Resident band

Famous Blue Raincoat

Resident linguists and translators

John Hughes (Irish Gaelic)
Mehrez Aounallah (Arabic, French, Italian)
Salvador Oria (Spanish)

online activism, arts, collaborative education, entertainment, peace campaigning, performance, photography, poetry, publishing, media / music production, multi-lingual translation and writer's service.

فعالية متوفّر على شبكة الإنترنات ، فنّ ، تربية تعاونيّة ، ترفيه ، سلام يشترك ، أداء ، فنّ تصوير فوتوغرافيّ ، شعر ، ينشر ، أوساط/لون موسيقى إنتاج ، ترجمة [مولتي-لينغل] وكاتبة خدمة.



The administrator of www.markthomasinfo.com website - Jeff Jenkins aka plucker and his crew gave major sponsorship-in-kind and support to our HEALING HERBS (medical cannabis information film) in a post - production research and follow-up capacity.

As a return gesture of good faith members working with the www.upstaterenegadeproductions.com via our community of messageboards and forums: Sensitize © designed the animated Flash media banner for www.markthomasinfo.com displayed directly to the left of this text. By clicking or double-clicking the animated banner to the left you will be taken to the homepage for www.markthomasinfo.com

Please note: that by clicking the advertising banner mentioned above you will be taken to an external site from ours. Please bookmark us in your Favourite's folders and call back any time.

Best wishes and thank you.

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh


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