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Welcome to: Sensitize © Arts E-Magazine by Upstate Renegade Productions © Edition One - November 2008. Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved


An interview by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rights reserved.

Lugh: If you had a single piece of advice you could give to anyone who considers themself a writer. What would it be?

Catherine: Write something – anything – every day. Even if it’s just an email. Doesn’t matter. It’s like exercise; if you don’t do it you seize up.

Lugh: Can you talk about your latest work or is it wrapped up in lovely secrecy for now?

: I’ve recently started a new novel that inhabits the same world as ‘The Sand in the Painting.’ I always wondered what happened to John and Emma at the end of that one. Now I’m finding out, but I don’t know the answer yet, as I’m literally ‘making it up as I go along’. I’m not someone who plans novels. I take a bunch of characters and follow where they lead.

Lugh: On your journey as an artist and writer you have met some wonderful people. Some of whom I now know through working with you. Are there any you would like to say 'hi' to or tell our readers more about?

: Yes, there’s a certain Louis P Burns, and technical wizard Diarmuid McGowan(Diesel Engine) – but apart from your good selves, I would like to say ‘hi’ beyond the grave to a couple of people who are no longer with us: ‘Bru’, who taught me how to write in his workshop forum, and without whom I would never have published anything; and Jamie Douglas Stevenson, who showed me what enormous fun writing could be. In the land of the living, three people spring to mind: crime writer Paul Freeman, who has been continually encouraging and is a master of both story-telling and knowing how to get those stories out there and published; Salvador Oria, Argentine poet and friend, whose humanity and passion for words and nature continue to be an inspiration; and my Editor at Circaidy Gregory Press – the wonderful Kay Green – a skilled writer and one of the most energetic arts facilitators I know. All these people share a belief in the arts, in the power of words to change lives, and in the sheer joy of writing.

Lugh: Would you like to say anything about the Sensitize experience for you?

: Sensitize is a unique entity, which brings together ideas about the arts in a wholly original way. I’ve been on forums for writers where I’ve talked about the visual arts and they’ve nodded politely and let me get on with it; or forums for artists where half of the members are incapable of stringing their thoughts together in words, which is most frustrating all round. It’s rare to find a community of artists where words and the visual arts – all creative media in fact – are equally valued, and can be discussed with intelligence and sensitivity. That, for me, is the strength of Sensitize.

Lugh: Catherine. It has been an absolute joy to share this time with you. I'm sure readers of Sensitize will join me now in wishing you continued success as an author. Once again, thank you for taking the time out to be interviewed.

The reproduction of covering art images for both publications has been approved by the author; Catherine Edmunds ©. All rights respected and reserved.

The reproduction of covering art images for both publications has been approved by the author; Catherine Edmunds ©. All rights respected and reserved.

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