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Upstate Renegade Productions presents: Paddy Casey Unplugged, May 2006.

Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution performing Half A Mind Away (Unplugged) at Upstate Renegade Productions, Derry 2009 . Video © Louis P. Burns aka Lugh / Upstate Renegade Productions 2009. All rights reserved.

Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution (Unplugged @ Upstate Renegade Productions), Derry - Jan 16th, 2009

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by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2001/2004. All rights reserved.
Additional literary editing by Catherine Edmunds

with hate and high velocity
the bullet bounced off the gable wall
meeting flesh and bone
with a sickening wet thud

the boy fell to the pavement
innocence once more
bathed in blood

and someone screamed; oh jesus!
someone got a priest
I watched a green jeep
take a corner too fast

and my hate


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Derry (City of Culture 2013) Westbank. Winter 2010. Photograph by Liam Crossan © 2010. All rights reserved and respected.

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