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Welcome to: UPSTATE RENEGADE PRODUCTIONS © Edition One - October 2008. Editor - Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © All rights reserved.


Howling Laughter In The Night.
By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2007. All rights reserved.

Rudolf stared at the page Prancer had just handed him for what seemed like ages. Heavy snow fell on his shoulders and a shooting star blazed across the sky between his antlers. Somewhere in the fir trees around them a robin redbreast chirped and sang.

Prancer pranced, agitated as usual.
'Whadda ya think Red? Could it be true that the Listmakers are also taking action? Remember the last time that lot took a stand?' He rolled his eyes and Rudolf gasped loudly - 'Jazuz Prancer! Watch what yer sayin'! Gawd forbid the rest of em hear about this! There'd be a flippin' armed revolution!'

They stopped talking as Cupid and Vixen passed by, giggling like schoolgirls. 'Hi ya Red. Hi Prancer.' Prancer cleared his throat. 'Eve'nin' ladies.' Rudolf kicked him in the shins. 'Wot!' Prancer yelped. 'You ya pillock! One of these days yer gonna call Cupid a lady and he's gonna knock 12 bells of crap outta ya! Mark my words. He's a right bitch at times and holds grudges for centuries. It's only a matter of time before it happens and he smacks you!' Prancer hung his head and sighed 'You're right Red. Sorry mate...' 'Aye right lad. Now, back to what we were discussing.' Rudolf flicked the page he was holding to attract Prancer's attention.

'This is absolute madness!'

He tilted his head slightly to the left and in a more gruff voice than normal enquired 'How'd you manage to get yer hooves on this so quickly by the way?' Prancer looked worried. 'You won't believe me.' 'Try me.' 'You promise not to tell the others?' 'Oh; for feck sakes Prancer! He shook snow from his right hoof as he continued - Ok. I promise not to say a word to anyone!' Now, out wae it m'lad..! G'wan?'

Prancer moved closer to Rudolf. He lowered his head and in hushed tones gasped, 'Lone Wolf is active!'

The robin stopped its song in the branches. Claps of thunder and a flash of lightening lit the heavens as a horse panicked and brayed wildly off in the distance. Even the wind died for an instant. Rudolf struggled hard not to repeatedly yell what Prancer had just told him. Blood raced through his temples as he reared up on his hindlegs then thudded down onto the thick blanket of snow with a ground-quaking thump. Prancer cringed in his shadow. Both of them snorted and the mist pouring from their nostrils surrounded them, almost hiding their faces.

They moved on towards the Grotto and the warmth of the sheds. Neither said a word as they walked, but just as they rounded the fir trees from the forest path Rudolf stopped to catch his breath. Prancer halted and turned towards him. 'You ok Red?' 'Aye lad, aye. It's just what you said came as an awful shock to me. I mean, didn't he retire a few years back? Are ye sure it's him?' Rudolf looked genuinely worried. Prancer rolled them both a cigarette then lowered his head until it looked like he was foraging for berries and quietly said: 'Well, all the websites are active again. Forums are opening under the Lone Wolf logo. He looked left and right. This is a direct copy, he pointed at the page Rudolf clutched tightly to his chest of an email from Ms. Lily White the Chairwoman & CEO of Listmaker's Union # 6969. It was intercepted in the wee small hours this morning. As you can see, in it she speaks of alerting Ms. Stormy Weather herself!

They both brought their heads up at this. Eyes caught knowingly in some hidden wisdom only reindeer understood. But that's not all! Check out who it's addressed to! Rudolf shuddered in recognition. Prancer took on a sage-like serious voice: There's no mistakin' it old friend. It's him! He's back and what's worse, is that he knows about our strike plans and most probably this..!' He pointed at the page...

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